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Through personal experience and knowledge, we at MBP World will be able to give the client direct access to the world of endorsements and brand partnerships that will not only help further their career and increase their overall revenue, but give them the opportunity to foster relationships that can last long after they have retired. The talent management divisions will focus mainly on the professional sports industry, although not exclusively. We also have alliances in the entertainment industry, such as TV/Film/music/modeling. When working with talent, we understand that ancillary revenue is imperative to their success. Our clients are coming to us wanting to build their brand outside of what they already do.

Through our extensive networks spanning across many different industries, we can create new and exciting opportunities for our clients that they may not have thought of even for themselves. We are not the a-typical marketing company that tries to use what our clients are already talented at. We think outside of the box and try to create new streams of revenue that will make each client’s brand expand into territory that was previously untapped, therefore increasing their brand equity.